2021 Fisheye Wide-angle Macro Camera Lens Case For iPhone X/XR/XS Max

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  • Macro lens:Macro lens is a special lens for macro photography,mainly ysed for shooting very tiny objects,such as flowers and insects etc.
  • Take phone professional:For every perfect moment,perfect visual experience for you,make your mobile phone a second variable SLR,allows you to easily take a professional photos.
  • Take photo handier:When traveling out with an phone lens,whether it is shooting landscapes or self timer are very handy.
  • Wide-angle lens:Wide angle lens perspective,wide vision.can show a considerable range of clarity,make the screen more shocking.
  • Wide-angle/Fisheye/Macro/Telescope phone lens,change your view.
  • Fisheye lens:fisheve lens is close to a subject when shooting can cause a very strong effect on,emphasize the contrast object near the small,the appeal of picture is a stirring.
  • more convenient to carry,easy to switch the lens,is suitable for mobile travel camrea lens.


  • Type: Telephoto Len
  • Features: With Case, Whit Lens

Wide angle lens:

  • (Magnification ): 0.65X
  • (Angle): 120degrees
  • (Deformation): -22%
  • (Deformation): 10-15mm
  • (AR Coating): Multilayer
  • (Element): 2Elements 2Groups

Telescope Lens:

  • (Magnification ): 2X
  • (Deformation): 20-25mm
  • (AR Coating): Multilayer
  • (Angle): 30degrees
  • (Deformation): -4.8%
  • (Element): 4Elements 4Groups

Marco Lens:

  • (Deformation): -1.5%
  • (Magnification ): 10X
  • (Angle):None
  • (Deformation): 10-15mm
  • (Element): 2Elements 2Groups
  • (AR Coating): Multilayer

Fisheye Lens:

  • (Angle): 180degrees
  • (Deformation): 10-15mm
  • (Deformation): -75%
  • (Magnification ): 0.35X
  • (AR Coating): Multilayer
  • (Element): 3 Elements 3 Groups

Package Included:

  • 1 x 6-in-1 Lens
  • 1 x Cellphone Case for iPhone X
  • 1 x Lens cloth



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